American Experiment

The American Experiment; What It Means For The World

How the US adjusts to the increasingly multi-polar world – and the forces of globalization – will have a major impact on world affairs. There is no doubt the global order that emerged in the aftermath of World War II is now in transition. Will the US lead the world into a new and secure interdependent global order, or succumb to nationalistic tendencies, is yet to be determined. The continuity in American leadership is unlikely to occur in absence of system level political, economic, and security reforms that are attuned to the present realities.

US Elections: Implications for South Asia, Middle East

US, Islamic World Relations

Coronavirus And Arab Spring 2.0

Context Never before have there been so many conflicts been brewing at the same time, in particular in the regions of Middle East - and...

Countering Extremism and Homeland Security

President Trump’s Jerusalem Decision And Winning The Fight Against Extremism

A media discussion on a VOA Urdu Program Jahan Rang hosted by Behjat Gilani on December 10, 2017. The Panel included: Arif Ansar, Chief Analyst,...

Risks for US Policy

Opportunities for US

President-elect Trump’s Major Domestic, Foreign Challenges

A comprehensive media discussion on Voice of America (Urdu Service) program Round Table, hosted by Qamar Abbas Jafri, on December 12, 2016. The focus was on...

American Experiment

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