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Future of the Islamic World

Global Powers and the Islamic World

US and the Islamic World

Russia and the Islamic World

Global Socio-Political And Economic Change; The Battle For Alternative Systems

Context It’s no secret that the technology and communication revolution has produced manifold socio-political consequences. While there have been many advantages, these advancements are also...

China and the Islamic World

The Growing Geopolitical Interconnections Of South Asia And Middle East; Pakistan And GCC

Context In an effort to decipher the emerging geopolitical realities, PoliTact occasionally partners with leading think-tanks to understand the multi faceted tangents of these trends....

Core Versus Peripheral Islamic World

Turkey-Pakistan Relations

Pakistan Arab Ties

The Global Rise Of Far Right And Indian Annexation of Kashmir

Context “The history repeats itself, “first as tragedy, then as farce.” These profound quotes, irrespective of the source, are often repeated - but then we see...

Iran-Pakistan Ties

Prospects For Afghan Peace; Loya Jirga And Sixth Round Of US-Taliban Doha Talks

As the direct peace talks between the US and Afghan Taliban move along - and the sixth round...

Campaign Against Extremism

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